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1987 Chevy Nova Shop Manual 87 Chevrolet Original Repair Service Book OEM

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This 1987 Chevy Nova Shop Manual is a must-have for anyone looking to repair or service their original Chevrolet vehicle. This OEM service and repair book provides detailed information and guidance on how to properly maintain your car or truck without mentioning the condition of the manual. The literature type is a service/repair manual, and it covers topics such as engine repair, transmission repair, electrical systems, and much more.

This manual is an original publication by Chevrolet and was made in the United States on paper material. It is a great resource for Chevy enthusiasts looking to keep their vehicles running smoothly. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this manual is perfect for you. So, bid with confidence and make sure you get your hands on this 1987 Chevy Nova Shop Manual!