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Hi there!

My name is Nikki and I am the owner of Stylized Thrift Boutique.  I'm currently 43 and living with my family in beautiful Cedar Rapids, IA.  I grew up in very Northern Minnesota until moving to Cedar Rapids in 1998 to attend Coe College (2002 graduate - Go Kohawks!) and have never left.  I really love my community in Cedar Rapids and have no intentions of leaving.  Stylized Thrift Boutique started closet and realizing that I had too many clothes and should probably do something about it.

I started by reselling my own clothes on Poshmark (I am still there and you can find the link in the footer) and I started to realize that I am really good at this.  I have a business & marketing background, specialize in inventory and optimization in many levels, love (LOVE) clothes / great finds and purchasing and figured...why shouldn't I make this into a business?  With that thought, Stylized Thrift Boutique started very slowly in October 2018.  


Things started very slowly on one platform and over time evolved into our own brand, 1,000s of items, 5 platforms including this website and there are plans to continue to grow from there (we delved into Hard Goods as of middle 2021)!  This business is extremely rewarding in many ways that make it a joy on a daily basis.  Bringing great fashion at an affordable price to people all around the United States (and abroad via my eBay Store), while also helping our world be more sustainable and less an awesome feeling!

Please shop around, sign up for our newsletter and blog (depending when you are reading this, I may still be building some of the website), reach out with any questions and check back often as there are new items every day! Cheers and have a great day and be safe :)

- Nikki, Owner Stylized Thrift Boutique